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Recent Announcements:

  • January 2016 -- Our article on how to combine Age-Period-Cohort models with behavior scoring is being published in the Journal of the Operations Research Society has already been published online and will appear in in print soon. Find the article online here.

  • January 2016 -- Our research into the hidden origins of the US Mortgage Crisis was released by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. Download the article here.

  • April 2014 -- Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics, the book, has been a Riskbooks bestseller since its release in 2010. This month the second impression was published. Not a full rewrite as one would expect of a "second edition", this is a light rewrite that incorporates new research into creating loan-level forecast and stress test models, mean-reverting scenarios for lifetime value forecasting, and many small touches throughout. Best of all, after some hard bargaining, even the list price is half that of the original!

    Click here to buy a copy.

Upcoming Events:

  • 18-21 April 2016 -- Dr. Breeden will be presenting as the SAS global users' conference on applications of Age-Period-Cohort models. "Forecasting Behavior with Age-Period-Cohort Models: How APC Predicted the US Mortgage Crisis, but Also Does So Much More" Click here for the talk summary.