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CECL: Taking advantage of change

FASB's Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model

CECL's final guidelines for expected credit loss accounting are expected soon, but not yet out. So why all the fuss?

Because it's an important issue that will require a significant investment in data and analytics. The broad form is already known, so it's just a question of how soon you want to start.

CECL is news everywhere, and many vendors will be offering solutions. The problem is that much of what we're seeing is underpowered, check-the-boxes, bare minimum technology that might pass review, but does not capture the true dynamics of the portfolios, and therefore won't provide any real business value.

Our solutions are different. We start by doing loss forecasting right. Monthly account-level estimates of balances, attrition / pay-down, and charge-offs that incorporate underwriting criteria, loss timing, mean-reverting scenarios for the environment, and adjustments for adverse selection.

We said we do this right. This is a best-in-class solution that provides the necessary lifetime loss forecasts for CECL, but gives you accurate and actionable information for portfolio management, account management, and loan pricing. All of this is wrapped up in an easy-to-use browser-based tool that lets you update your forecasts at will.

Why pay for regulatory compliance when you can invest in your business?

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